3 ways to secure your automotive one-stop-shop for alloy parts

To stay on top of your game in the ever-changing and highly competitive automotive industry, operational excellence is key. To deliver high volumes while keeping costs down, you partly depend on your raw materials supplier. So what does a future-proof alloy automobile partner look like? We highlight 3 ways to secure your one-stop-shop to keep costs for raw materials low: multiple alloy solutions under one roof, one partner for the production planning and, last but not least, a local-to-local approach.


1. One-stop-shop for mutliple alloy sollutions

Preferred alloys for automotive parts are copper, brass and aluminum. Depending on its application, you will select them based on characteristics such as (fatigue) strength, surface treatability, corrosion resistance, and more. Since the automotive industry is going electric, we see a growing demand for alloys that have high electrical conducting properties – such as copper and aluminium. One way to keep costs down is to find an automotive supplier that is able to deliver multiple alloy solutions from under one roof. This way, you are free to switch alloy solutions when customer demands change without having to switch suppliers.

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2. One partner for IATF approval: forging + machining + surface treatment + assembly

Every additional supplier you trust with your alloy automobile part means extra invoices, higher handling costs and longer lead times. Not to mention the paperwork to get an IATF approval for the release of any minor adjustment to your product. It would be ideal if you could trust one supplier with the entire production process. From forging and machining to surface treatment and assembly. The result: a one-stop-shop for both alloy parts and processes in one.


3. Local to local: stay close to automotive production plants

Keeping CO2 emissions at a minimum goes way beyond the actual car or truck that will eventually hit the road. A supplier that serves the automotive industry will have facilities close to your clients production plants. If not, are they willing to add future production facilities that are located in the heart of the automotive industry? In other words: what can they offer to help you preserve the environment?

Building a network of trusted suppliers for automobile parts takes time. Find yourself a partner that:

  • is able to deliver multiple technical solutions;
  • that is willing to take care of quality approvals for future adjustments to parts, and
  • has a local presence near your customers’ production plants. 

In the long run, a one-stop-shop automotive supplier will greatly increase your adaptability to a changing market, it will enable shorter lead times and give you less IATF paperwork.


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